Inspection Day

September 13th, 2023

12pm – 3pm
Whiteboard discussions
Top of the drop
Light Lunch

This is your chance to view the top of the drop, a whole month before the main day. 1pm Darren Gordon will take us through YOUR questions, concerns, and opportunities to harness the power of ASBV’s (Australian Sheep Breeding Values). Come away with a breeding objective and plan for YOUR flock. As well as what traits need to be in there and why, what numbers are good and what are not! We want to give YOU the tools to choose the right rams to take you where you want to go.

2023 Sale Team ASBV Averages

Ram Sale

October 12, 2023

Auction 1pm sharp
50 Rams
Inspections from 10am
Lunch provided

The buyer friendly Helmsman system is back. After much consideration, mainly driven by commodity prices and tighter farm cashflows we felt it was important that bidders stay in control of their genetic investment and have every opportunity to drive away with the rams of their choice and stick to their intended budgets. Genetics are longterm and it is important to execute this decision well. Inspection open from 10am. Sale kicks off at 1pm.

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2022 SALE
42 of 49 sold
Top price
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2021 SALE
36 of 40 sold
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About Us

Profile picture of John Sutherland of Firgrove


Profile picture of Joseph Sutherland of Firgrove


Firgrove Merino Stud Rams in paddock with Grampians mountains in background


We aim to breed a balanced merino, where muscle and fat provide the engine to support a productive, stylish white fleece on a fast growing, early maturing deep body. Our genetics target and capture the markets of lamb, mutton, surplus sheep, (through fertility), and wool.


Resilience is bred into our sheep through carcass traits along with worm resistance to get them through the tougher periods and aid in lamb and weaner survival. Scoring breech wrinkle, breech cover and dag has allowed us to cease mulesing.


With the southern end of the Grampians in South West Victoria as a backdrop, Firgrove is about an hours drive up from the coast and an hour in from the South Australian border and has an “average” rainfall of 630mm. The wool has to stand up to long wet periods, displaying white and fleece rot free. Our rams perform well when they go to drier climates in the north as well as wetter environments in the south.


We use ASBV’s, along with rigid visual classing and a full pedigree to select animals fitting these criteria.


Our rams are reared in the paddock and we back them to perform in the paddock.

Our History

Merino Stud - 41 years
On Property Ram Sales - 21
Poll Merino Stud - 18 years
Guidair Vaccinated - 17 years
ASBV - 8 years

Pregnancy Scanning


445 McIntyres Crossing Rd
Dunkeld VIC 3294

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