Ram Sale

Thursday October 13, 2022

Please save the date for our twenty-second on property ram sale. Inspection will be open from 10:30am with the sale starting at 1pm. Lunch is provided.

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With the southern end of the Grampians in South West Victoria as a backdrop Firgrove is about an hours drive up from the coast and an hour in from the South Australian border and has an “average” rainfall of 650mm. The Firgrove operation is first and foremost a commercial grazing enterprise.


In a 650mm rainfall area the wool has to stand up to long wet periods, displaying white and fleece rot free. Our rams perform well when they go to drier climates in the north as well as wetter environments in the south.


Our rams are reared in the paddock and we back them to perform in the paddock.


At our on property ram sale, we offer good quality rams that are commercially affordable under the Helmsman buying system. Good selections of private rams are also available through out the year.


Merino Stud - 40 years
On Property Ram Sales - 20
Poll Merino Stud - 17 years
Guidair Vaccinated - 16 years
ASBV - 7 years

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445 McIntyres Crossing Rd
VIC 3294

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